Being unoffendable was just one of those thoughts in my head. I didn’t think it was something real. But now it is.

I struggle with anger—  when I am angered by somebody, I just ignore them and behave as if they don’t exists, meanwhile I struggle with the hurt in my mind whether to let it go or confront them (which i always don’t do). Give me a few hours or days (depending on the gravity of the offense) and I’ll just push it aside. Not because I have forgiven (which I actually do) or forgotten, but because I just decide to lay it to rest– for peace sake.

I am always in between getting angry and not getting angry. While a lot of people believe that anger is right and shows how strong you are, and expects me to be angry and probably explode; others simply think that Christians are not supposed or do not have the right to be angry, and so they tend to question our Christian faith when they see you angry or act out of anger.

Well, I just believe that whether one is a Christian or not, we can decide to either be offended at everything or be unoffendable (be it righteous or unrighteous anger).

The idea of being unoffendable has always been a topic of interest to me. I have always wanted to be that person that is unoffendable, even when I have the right to. So I read a lot of self help books on anger and how to deal with it, but I didn’t seem to find a strong reason to make me decide to be unoffendable. Then I found this book:Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better and requested for a review copy.

Though I kept the book for weeks without actually reading it because I felt like it would be like other books I have read on the same matter.

But it wasn’t. This book is different from any self-help book you’ve ever read.
It is not a self-help book. It is more like a memoir. It contains personal stories, experiences and scriptural references. It doesn’t tell you  how to do or not do anything. You just read and learn and decide.
This book is fun, easy to read, simple and conversational. It’s a book you can easily relate to– whether you are a Christian or not.
I like how the author presents the truth in a simple logical manner. I like how he admits his own struggles and sometimes makes fun of himself. He doesn’t sound preachy, judgmental or self-righteous.

This book is challenging and absolutely worth reading. It is a must read for everyone.

Do you have a right to be angry? Is it true that we cannot do anything meaningful without anger?
Brant Hansen answers this question with personal stories and Scriptural references giving us reasons to drop anger and chose instead to be Unoffendable .

This book has helped me immensely. I have finally been able to move from being in between being angry or not to choosing to be unoffendable.

Anger feels right and powerful. It feels like it can change things when nothing else can.
But after the reaction, or explosion, or yelling, or cursing, or ordering, or silent treatment, every other thing we do in the name of anger, people are left friendless, convicted, guilty, sinful or even worse than they were (including the one who was angry)… Does it change anything? I mean make things better? No! I think it doesn’t always make things or people better.

We may try to rationalize it, give reasons why we are right–  to make ourselves feel better or rather justified;– and in that way we change our anger from  a sin against God to a virtue that we have for God, even when we know deep down that we didn’t do right.

That’s the message Brant Hansen has in this book Unoffendable. We have bought a lie that anger is Okay for Christians, and in believing this lie, we’ve placed ourselves on par with God Himself.

So Whats the solution? Read this book!!

Let me share some thoughts I took home from this book:

“The thing that you think makes your anger ‘righteous’ is the very thing you were called to forgive” This is for those Christians who get angry and tag it ‘holy’ or ‘righteous anger’.

“Only God God has the right to be angry. Only God is allowed anger and vengeance.” “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord”…
Yes, only God is allowed anger. Because we stand as guilty as whoever is the target of our anger. God is everything that we are not– Perfect… We can trust Him with anger. His character allows it.

“The world is broken… people are selfish, self-centered, perverse, wicked, rude, and everything we can think of, and will always do things that will get you offended. But don’t offended by what people do or say to you or offended at the corrupt and declining state of the world. Instead, thank God that He’s intervened in it, and He’s going to restore it.— Gratitude and anger can’t co-exist.

When we love people where they are, and love them boldly, it will be difficult for us to be offended by them.

Refusing to be angry about others views or acts or cruelty isn’t conflict avoidance or happy -talk. It’s the very nature of serving people.

Loving others, forgiving others, and being Unoffendable shows humility, our sense and level of maturity, strength and how Christlike we are.

The Bible recommend that we be childlike. Because It takes a childlike heart and humility to embrace the love of God, to realize how “unfair” it is, and then add, quickly, but “it’s OK!’, “I’ll take care of it!”, “I forgive you (even before the offender ever thinks of apologizing)!”

Being Unoffendable , people might think you are stupid, never mind, you can be the Christian they know.
We can’t be believers, and remain angry with the people who hurt or offend us. These are simply incompatible.

Read this book; If you have ever stayed up at night stewing over an offense or recounting what Mr B said that got you angry or how he embarrassed you in front of that girl or guy you’ve been eying or in front of your fans or general public.

Read this book, if you have ever lost your temper, throw things around, destroy things, wound people, curse, or refused to do certain things because of anger.

Read this book; If you have ever lost a sweet relationship or friendship, lost a job, missed an opportunity to love, care for or help someone because of offense.

If you have ever wondered how to respond to those nasty emails, annoying critics or comments on your facebook  wall and blog, this book is for you.

This book is an ideal read for everyone.

I encourage you to buy this book and read it.

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I received this book from BOOK LOOK BLOGGERS for my honest review. I was not paid or compelled to right a positive review.

Are you UNOFFENDABLE? Lets hear in the comment box below…

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