What Does Spending Time with God Really Mean?

spending time with god

What Does Spending Time with God Really Mean?

I used to feel that spending time with God was something that involved lots of protocol. Something that needed me to act or talk differently or get into a certain mood and be in a special place.  Over time through personal encounters, studying the scriptures, reading books and interacting with other believers I have realized that spending time with God can be as simple as every other thing I do through the day.

When we talk about developing intimacy with God, hearing God, growing our relationship with God etc., some people are often left to wonder how they are supposed to do or achieve that. I was one of those.

But then I realized that every strong relationship thrives on shared experiences and knowledge of each other. When building new relationships or friendships, we intentionally invest all we are, we spend lots of time on a regular basis talking, playing, creating memories and interacting with them in whatever possible way. All in a bit of getting to know each other, to become intimate. Well, our relationship with God is no different.

Intimacy with God is built by spending time with Him regularly.

Spending time with God is more than just going to church.

Spending time with God is more than having a daily devotional or quiet time.

“You will never grow a close relationship with God by just attending church or even having a daily quiet time.”  Rick Warren

Spending time with God is more than giving God just a fraction of our waking hours. It is not something we have to do only in a specific place or at a specific time and getting into a particular mood.

God wants more than an appointment in your schedule.


“Be sure that you never try to work God into your schedule, but always work your schedule around Him.”

Spending time with God is to intentionally and active pursue God all through your day.

Spending time with God is carrying on a continuous open-ended conversation with God through out the day, talking with Him about what you are doing or thinking at that moment and allowing Him to speak to you encourage or guide you.

Spending time with God is “praying without ceasing” : — conversing with God while driving, shopping, bathing, eating, working, or performing any other everyday task.



“Everything we do can be ‘spending time with God’ if He is invited to be a part of it and you stay aware of His presence.” 

In his book, “Practicing the Presence of God” Brother Lawrence describes spending time with God as ‘turning the most commonplace and menial task,like preparing meals and washing dishes, into acts of praise and communion with God.’

You don’t have to get away to a special place, at a special time, or take special retreats (which is still commendable) to spend time with God.

Spending time with God starts with you changing your attitude towards what you do. What you normally do for yourself, your boss, your children, your spouse, etc, you can begin doing for God. Whether it is eating, bathing, working, relaxing, taking out the trash, laundry, feeding your children, time with your spouse or serving in church.

Spending time with God is a  perpetual attitude. It is intentional. It is crucial.

God wants us to spend time with Him. And since God is with us all the time, no place is any better and closer to God than the place where we are right now.

So make a commitment today to spend time with God everyday for the rest of your life. Don’t wait till its 3 or 5am or till you get to you ‘war room’ or that special place where you pray. Don’t wait till you get to church on sunday or any other day. Start it, and do it wherever you find yourself and in whatever you do.

Remember that God is patiently and lovingly waiting for you.

Your Challenge:

  • Write how  you can change your attitude and posture toward God today so that this day and every other day has the same effect as a spiritual retreat, pray and ask the Lord to help you
  • Write about what makes you God’s presence more at one time than another. What can you do to be more aware of God’s presence all day?

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  • Hi Grace,
    It is so nice to meet you! Thank you so much for visiting #MomentsofHope and sharing this message of hope! I remember, especially as a new Mom, wondering how I could find time to “be” with Jesus. I carried guilt because I thought it had to be a quiet place – solitude – peaceful. But then I realized God wants all of me and if it’s time while rocking my baby or even the two minutes I have alone in the bathroom, I could give it to Him and He would be thrilled!

    I so look forward to getting to know you better!!!

    Blessings and smiles,

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