Purpose, Mission, Goals: Essential Guide to Intentional Living

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purpose, mission, goals: essential guide to intentional living

God wants you to live intentionally. Because,

God is intentional.

Everything He does or says has a purpose, a reason, a mission, and a goal it will achieve.

When God speaks or begins anything, He does so with an end in mind. He sees or knows the result of His action before actually taking action.

We can see this all through the Scriptures. Take for instance the Creation story in Genesis 1.

When I read this story, the image that comes so vivid in my mind is this:

God with a planner or a vision board. On which He had the creation plan perfectly written, sketched or mapped out before getting to work. And maybe the template or format looking something like this:

goal template png

The parts I love most are the verses with:

“…and God saw …that it was good”

This expression is repeated 6 times in Genesis 1.

God reviewed His work. He took time to reflect on His progress so far, and saw that everything was good.

Everything came out as planned. The fishes didn’t come before the water; He didn’t ask Adam to name the animals before He created them. All was good.

God is an intentional being. He doesn’t just wish for things and then fold His hands expecting them to just magically happen. He is not only intentional, He has the power to make whatever he intends become reality.

God made us in His image and likeness. Which means we are also intentional beings or at least should be. That is one of the great gifts God has given us when he made us in his image. He expects us to use the abilities He has given us to make the most of our lives.

This why intentional living is important.

Intentional living begins with knowing or determining your why (purpose), why you do what you do.

Intentional living means defining your values and making decisions that reflects those values.

It is about defining your life purpose, setting goals and reviewing or evaluating your decisions and actions as you go.

Sometimes we don’t always get to make our goals become a reality, and sometimes we get a reality that is different from what we dreamed of. Life happens, I might say. But when I think of this (which can be a major discouragement to some when it comes to intentional living), I am reminded of this Scripture:

We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer.

Proverbs 6:1 (NLT)

Statistics has it that those who understand their purpose, set goals and work to achieve them daily have a greater chance of making their dreams become reality than those who don’t.


How do you discover your purpose?

How do you set goals and stick with them?

How do you determine your values?

How do you create a mission statement for your life?

If you sometimes wonder any of the questions above, Join me this month in this new series: Purpose. Mission, Goals.. Essential Guide to Intentional living.

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What Reservations Do You Have As Regards Goal setting and Intentional Living?

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