Pondering the Reflections of Life and the Reflections of Love By Patricia Louise

 Book Description

Have you ever looked for a plan? Have you ever wanted to create a plan of your own, because the one you found felt incomplete? Pondering the Reflections of Life and the Reflections of Love offers Patricia Louise’s own plan for finding balance. She offers 90 days of reflections and thoughts, each designed to help you examine your life, your love and more. With a mix of poetry, thoughts, anecdotes and personal reflections, Patricia provides you with a clear path toward self-exploration. This book is timeless. It is a fulfilling collection, written in a different way to reflect aspects of life and love at any age. There are powerful messages you will want to read again and again.


This book is a brief peek at Louise life experiences written in a poetic and prose format. They are short and easy to read. It is truly a reflection of her life.

Though I like poetry and have read lots of poetic collections, I didn’t very much fancy this book. I couldn’t connect with the author‘s thoughts because the collection is a bit too brief to really feel any connection.

While there was a great deal that was truly inspirational I admit I had to skip some pages, maybe I didn’t actually like the book.

While the author states that her writings are God inspired-I admit I had a hard time connecting much of what she wrote with the Bible itself. Perhaps had there been a stronger correlation between the writings and scripture itself I may have felt more of a direct impact from her poetry. Certainly her writings can be healing, a blessing, a guide, for those in need of such. I unfortunately did not feel any of this myself.

I chose this book because I liked the title. Next time, I should not judge a book by its cover.
I have to admit I had to read and re-read the author’s purpose and re-read the book again.

I believe I may have connected more with Louise’s writings if I knew more about her personal journey than what she revealed in a short prologue called A Journey at the beginning of her book.
It is the reading of her short biography at the end the book, as well as the knowledge that sales of her book will go toward building a facility for disadvantaged children, that encourages me to recommend this book to women of all ages who enjoy devotionals.

In conclusion, the book was an easy read but readers need to stop and think about the author’s message before prodding on to the next page.

I received this book from BookLook Bloggers program.
A positive review was not required and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own

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