Part One: One word from God can change your Prayer Life.

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Chapter 1: THE TIME TO PRAY by Gloria Copeland

“Pray without ceasing” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

God is calling us to spend more time in prayers, to make it our highest priority in life. He needs people who will pray—not just when they happen to think about it, but every day. He needs people who will build their whole lives around prayer and make it their number 1 priority.

It is when we begin to make prayer our priority—to lay aside the natural things and take up the things of God and walk in the power of the Spirit—that the glory of God will be reflected in us.

If we want the power of God in our lives, we have to quit spending all our time thinking about ourselves, our surroundings and what we are doing day-to-day. We have to start giving ourselves to things that will make eternal difference. We have to start giving ourselves to prayer.

Think of your Spirit like a kind of inner radio. If you don’t tune it to exactly the right frequency, all you get is static and meaningless noise. But if you tune in to the exact frequency of the station, everything becomes loud and clear. Prayer helps to tune our Spirit to receive from God.

God wants to talk with you. Jesus is closer to you than the very clothing you have on you. His Spirit is in you—waiting to fellowship with you.

Think about the fact that God is waiting on you. That He has some things to show you. Things you’ve been beating your head against the wall trying to figure out. He’s just waiting to counsel you, to show you the answer.

The time to pray is now. Not tomorrow or next. It is now, because God is waiting to hear you. All you need do is –speak.

I’ll tell you this: God is not going to make you pray. Jesus is not going to make you pray. The Holy Spirit is not going to make you pray. But they are all, three calling you to it. They’re preparing to go into action the moment you begin. What are you waiting for?

The eternal, all—powerful Creator of Heaven and earth, the Almighty God, is ready right now to meet with you in prayer.

He’s made your prayers His priority. The question is, Have You?

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