lessons from the book of Numbers

Some weeks ago, I began studying and reviewing lessons from the book of Numbers and I can say there’s so much to learn from this book.

Sometimes as we read the old Testament, it is easy for us to think that it is just a bunch of stories and we struggle to find application or relevance to our lives. This is a huge mistake!Because lurked in between the lines of those stories are great life lessons and helpful tips to improve both our relationships with God and our earthly affairs.

Here are 15 Lessons I’ve learned from the book of Numbers 11-15.

While there are so much to learn from these chapters and the whole book, I’ll just share these few lessons and pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire your heart through these words.

  1. Many of us are good at complaining to each other about what is and what isn’t in our lives. But we need to learn to turn our complains to God, pray about what we are going through rather than spend our energy complaining and grumbling. 
  2. Dissatisfaction comes when our attention shifts from what we have to what we don’t have. We shouldn’t allow our unfulfilled desires o cause us to forget God’s gifts of love, life, food, health, friends, family and other great benefits we enjoy from Him. 
  3. When we approach God with wrong motives and sinful attitudes, getting what we want may prove costly… (Numbers 11:19)
  4.  Craving or lusting is more than inappropriate sexual desire. It can be an unnatural desire(greed) for anything. Desire in itself is not wrong. But when we become preoccupied with our desire for something until it affects our perspective on everything else, we have moved from desire to lust which is why God punished the Israelites (Numbers 11:34)
  5. We have to learn to remain thankful in all things and for all things, and be contented with what we have knowing that God has our best interest at heart. 
  6. When we are in disagreement with somebody, rather than introduce a smoke screen to the matter by attacking the person’s character, we should learn to address the real issue. (Numbers 12) 
  7. Learn to Trust God. When God promises us a thing, He doesn’t say getting there will be all rosy, He just needs us to trust Him to get us there.
  8. Don’t let negatives cause you to lose sight of the positives; don’t let difficulties blind you to God’s power to help and His promise to guide. (Numbers 13: 25-29)
  9. Rather than quickly reject advice we don’t like,  and caution from others; we have to learn to evaluate it carefully, comparing them with God’s word because the advice may be God’s message to us. (Numbers 14:6-10)
  10. God is immensely patient, His love in one promise we can count on, He forgives again and again, He is merciful, He listens to and answers our requests. God has not changed since the Moses‘s day– so we can always rely on Him (Numbers 14:17-20).
  11. The people of Israel had a clearer view of God than the people before them for they had both God’d laws and His presence. So they had a greater responsibility to obey and trust God. Increased opportunity brings increased responsibility (Numbers 14:20-23; Luke 12:48).
  12. God will do the very thing He hears us say (Numbers 14:28). Our confessions, our words are very important.
  13. Failure to trust God often brings even greater problems in those areas of our lives we lack trust. When we run from God, we inevitably run into problems (Numbers 14:34).
  14. Sometimes, right actions or good intentions com too late. We must not only do what is right, but do it at the right time. God wants complete and instant obedience from us. (Numbers 14:40-44)
  15. The Israelites wore tassels on their garments to help remind them to obey God rather than seek after their own desires (Numbers 15). Today, we have the Holy Spirit living in us– teaching us to obey God and turn from our idols.

Are you relying on the Holy Spirit to help you in your walk with God? 

Next week I’ll be sharing Lessons from the book of Numbers 16-20, I hope you find time to read this book, so you could share along.

Have you read the book of Numbers? Please share with us the lessons you’ve learned from the book and how relevant they are to your everyday life..

I’ll be glad to hear from you: Comments, feedbacks, sharing… 

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