An Invitation To Spend Time With God

Spend time with God

This is an invitation from me to you– to spend time with God this month.

Everyone agrees that it’s good to spend time with God and it is ideal for every believer in Christ.

  • it refreshes us 
    it rids our minds of distraction so we can focus on God 
    It helps us grow our relationship with God and produces intimacy.

The benefits are endless.

But not all of us spend time with God (in the real sense of it) the way we should or the way we desire to.

We sometimes wake up in the wee hours of the day with every good intention to spend time with God before rushing off into the day’s hustle. Then something comes up. Something always comes up.

Like:spending the whole time in our head, thinking of what, where and how to start (typical of me),
We get distracted by other stuffs,
mobile phones, computer, social media, checking emails all get in the way,
and then, before we know it, our time is far spent and then 
we push it off to later-- 
just like every other day.

Sometimes we are so busy all through the day that we can’t find a few seconds or minutes to whisper some words to God.

Is that your reality too? Do you experience these struggles?  You are not alone.

Do you desire to spend time with God?
Do you want to know what it really is to spend time with God?
Do you wish you could be more consistent in your personal time with God?
Do you want to learn new creative ways to spend time with our Father?
Would you like more resources that can help you learn to spend time with God?

If you answer yes to any of the questions or anything similar, I invite you to spend time with God this month. We all need to have a good time with our Father all day.

Spend time with God (2)


Everything we are and do is grounded in the relationship that we have with our Father.

The more we spend time with God, the more intimate we become with Him and the more we will know and understand His will for us.

Spending time with God is more than having a set time of the day that we pray. It is more than just having family devotions in the morning.

Spending time with God also requires consistency. But consistency does not mean a boring routine either.

Spending time with God is crucial to our growth and every area of our lives as believers.

So, this month on Intentional247  we will be focusing on this subject and all that it entails. We will learn and talk about how we can  intentionally spend time with God. I invite you to join me every step of the way.

I invite you to make it your goal this month to spend time with God. I invite you to participate actively– read, share, comment, give feedback and ask questions about anything or post you seem not to understand.

He eagerly awaits you..

Your Challenge: 

  1. Write down the things that gets in the way of you spending time with God everyday.
  2. Write down what you can do to make more time for God.
  3. Write down your goals for this month and include “spending time with God” as one of your spiritual goals.
  4. Shoot me an email. I’ll really love to hear from you. I’ll like also to be your accountability partner and encourage you along this journey.
  5. Leave a comment on this post (a sister could use the encouragement). I’ll love to hear and know your thoughts on this subject.

Happy New Month!

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