Introduction: EncourageMe Monday Link Up

EncourageMeEveryone needs encouragement! Don’t you get discouraged sometimes?

Haven’t you ever felt like quitting? quit writing, blogging and all? We all face moments and days when our hearts take a nose dive and our world looks bleak, those lonely days of writing, days when nothing is coming forth, days when you wonder if anyone cares or is listening.

We all get discouraged.It is part of being human. When we are discouraged, it is hard to simply ”decide to feel better.’This is like running out of fuel and hoping the tank fills itself. When its empty its empty.

We have to get fuel from somewhere else.

God as called us bloggers to encourage and inspire others with our writings. Sometimes we ourselves become discouraged, needing some lifting.

None of us can get too much encouragement. Have you ever heard anybody say, ”stop encouraging me, I don’t need it anymore” or have you heard a blogger who says he or she doesn’t need some form of encouragement on His blog?

We all need encouragement and others need it from us.
God is cheering us on and He expects us to cheer others too.

I’m pleased to announce that I will be starting a weekly Linky on this blog– EncourageMe Monday Linkup.
This EncourageMe Monday Linkup will help us to: encourage one another in our words and writings.

If you are not a blogger. I encourage you to come around, read, comment on and follow blogs that inspires you. This way, you get encouraged by these  bloggers and you encourage them too with you comment and followership.

EncourageMe Monday Linkup goes life every Monday and runs till Friday.
Come to Monday’s post on www.intentional247.comand link up your encouraging post. Posts that encourages, posts that inspires, posts that edifies, posts that lifts, posts that cheers, post that rebukes, posts that causes your readers to desire to deepen their intimacy with God.


  • Link up as many post (only encouraging post) as you’d like (including giveaways)
  • Read, comment on and if possible follow the person linked before you. Hop around and visit others to encourage them.
  • Please Link back to me somehow .

Lets party together and encourage one another in the Lord.

See you on Monday.


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