Blog Name Change- Why Intentional247?

Intentional 247,I changed my blog name from gracious insight to Intentional247

Journal entry
24th September 2013
In my room, after studying...

"Grace, you should start a blog,- so you can share these your 
write-ups. Who knows, God might use it to enourage somebody outthere..." 
I didn’t know a thing about blogging. So I took some time to read and pray about it.
The idea of starting a blog was cool, but I needed to know if that was what God wanted me to do . So I waited.
fast forward to 24th November 2013,
During Sunday worship service.

"Grace, I am calling you to take this journey. 
I'm going to give you an audience, and you will be responsible for them." 

My heart lept! I knew that voice too well to argue or get confused in the middle of the hot praise.
I agreed.
“Yes, Lord. If you are giving me the audience, and You want me to be responsible for them, then I will make sure they never get discouraged in their walk with You, I will provide them with resources and tips to deepen their walk with you and help them fulfill their purpose. I will bare my soul and let my words bring them closer to You.” 

It was a pleasant and welcomed interruption. The words just lingered in my heart till the service was over, I got home and found time to write it down.

That was how Gracious Insight came to be.
Well before then, I did try using blogger, and even tumblr before moving to a selfhosted blog. Over the years the blog grew in readership. followership and all.
I grew along with it — my relationship with God, my writing skills and even had to learn a little about web design and Photoshop. For these and all the emails, testimonies and encouragement I got from some readers and fellow bloggers– I am eternally grateful.

Yes! There were times, a lot of times I crossed my boundaries. Times I felt God wasn’t keeping up with His side of the deal. Times I stepped in to help God and times I actually pushed Him aside and ignored or somewhat forget about the things He told me concerning the blog. But in all, God was and is merciful and gracious.

Journal Entry 
30 March 2016

I was thinking about closing gracious insight and maybe just quit writing altogether. So much discouragements, so much pressures and challenges from my offline life. This things were eating into the blog, my consistency in writing etc.
I thought the best thing was to close the blog plus the hosting was going to expire in less than two months, that got me worried too.

At this point a few verses in the Bible became my encouragement. So I did put in lots of time to study and attend to other things and  just left the blog for a while. Since it was something The Lord gave a go ahead, I wanted the same ‘go ahead’ to quit blogging.
But that didn’t happen.

"Trust Me to what I told you  I'll do. Trust Me. That's all you have to do now.-- TRUST-"

That was what happened. I decided to trust Him.

By this time gracious insight domain and hosting  had expired.

Some months after, I was considering renewing the blog and getting back to blogging again so my hands can stop being itchy. Just then, I received this wonderful email from a subscriber.

"Grace, your blog has been an immense blessing and encouragement to my Christian walk. 
To be precise, I became a Christian through one of your blog 
(the post: Could I know God in a Vacuum?) I can't say enough how encouraging you have 
been to me. I don't know you personally, but I just want you to know that I appreciate you. 
Please I want to know, how much does it cost to buy a blog hosting?" 

I was encouraged by this subscriber. And I replied him with details of the different wordpress hosting available and 
even went as far as recommending a few ones for him to choose from. 

"Ok! Thank you. Please can you send me your account number. I want to sponsor your blog. I have not received any post update 
from you for some months now. I don't know what the issue is. 
But I would love to sow a seed into this blog. I want you to keep writing."

Wow! Sounded too good to be true. But it was.  What a pleasant, never-expected surprise.

This got me teared up. It took me almost an hour to get myself coordinated enough to send the requested email. And as soon as I did…. you can tell what happened next.

awed….. humbled….and grateful…

God came through. Just like He said He would.

He kept His word.

And I was trully sorry for myself for doubting, disobeying, attempting several times to quit, and trying to outsmart Him.

You see, I’m very optimistic about my mission, goals and plans etc. When I had to start this blog, I was  scared about everything.
Readers — followers–content– hosting renewal– making out time to write, post, visit other blogs and all those stuffs that comes with owning a blog — everything.

But God is faithful! He is enough!

So, Yes! The blog is back!

This time, not as ”Gracious Insight” but as ”Intentional247”

I know that gracious insight lingered for a while and you already got used to it. But this change is necessary.

Long story cut short: I couldn’t renew gracious insight, because by the time
I wanted to do so, its redemption period had passed. And I couldn’t wait till whenever Godaddy will park the domain as free. So, I thought and prayed about this for a few days and Intentional247 came up.

To prevent this post from being longer than it already is, I am going to share with you with Intentional247 is or will be about in another post.

I sincerely appreciate you for your support and always making out time to read my posts. What is a writer without a reader? (I wonder oo).

Thank you for making this blog happen.

So, I invite you to do more. Read. Share. Comment. Ask questions.

I pray from my heart for you. Beyond the words you read on this blog, that God will encourage you in all areas of your life, cause you to experience Joy in unexpected places, Peace in the midst of the raging storms and come through for you in ways that beats your expectations. Amen.



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