I am a christian



Yes, I am a Christian.

Yes, you can say I’m the biggest hypocrite ever.

I stumble, I struggle with some weaknesses (call it sin), you know about it.

I fall. I stray onto the wrong path.

I make wrong decisions sometimes.

But God is working on me.

I may be a mess, but I’m His mess.

And He is gently straightening me out.


Yes, I am a Christian.

I got lost in my own way, got dirty.

He found me, picked me up, and like everyone else

He offered me a choice (a second chance)—

And I chose His way so I don’t get lost anymore.


Yes, I am a Christian.

I don’t say that with pride.

But with confidence..

I’m confessing that I stumble,

Needing God to guide me.


Yes, I am a Christian.

I am not saying I am strong.

I’m saying I’ve been weak, I am weak,

I know what it means to be weak, frail and feeble.

Yet I pray daily to the God who is stronger than all.

He gives me the strength to carry on, to walk tall.


When I say I am a Christian,

I’m not bragging of success.

I’m admitting that I’ve failed, I know what it means to fail.

Yet, I believe in the God who has never failed

Because my success is in Him.


Yes, I am a Christian.

I am not a ‘know-it-all,’ I am not better than anyone.

It’s just that I believe in God who ‘knows-it-all,’

And is better at everything He does

So I learn from Him (I learn from the best)


Yes, I am a Christian.

I don’t wear a tag called ‘perfectionism.’

I am not perfect. I have very visible flaws.

I have failed. I have fallen too many times. I have disappointed many.

Yet, I serve a God who is perfect in every way.

A God who believes I am worth it.

So I’ve learned to clean myself up.

Take up His Word and Walk tall like

I’ve never made any mistake at all.


Yes, I am a Christian.

I still feel the sting of pain. The hurts. The shame.

I have my fair share of heartaches, of ups and downs.

Yes I get angry sometimes, depressed, you name it.

Yet, I believe in a God who heal all wounds,

Mends all broken hearts, relieves all pains

And loves me through it all.

So I’m getting better every passing day.


Don’t worry about the anger, and other things you see me struggle with.

I am a work in progress.

God is working on me.

So, I look like I have it all together? Perfect?

One who hasn’t experienced any pain or hurt?

Flawless, strong and all of that???


Yes, I have it all together.

Because I have a God who holds

Everything together in my life, so I don’t crash.

And that makes me a lot better than the one

Who doesn’t have any personal relationship with Him.


So don’t give me that look when I say ‘I am a Christian.’

What gives you the notion that ‘Christians‘ are perfect?

I am not saying that I consciously, and constantly do or say things that doesn’t sync with my beliefs.

I am not even trying to give excuses to justify myself when I fall short.

We make mistakes, we sometimes do and say things that we sincerely do not want or mean to say.

We are Christians living under grace– God’s grace.

And we are being made perfect by the one who is perfect.

We are still in His refinery.


You know the look.

The look that says it all.

The look that says “even you? even after yesterday?”

Yes, that look.

Because no matter how many times you see me fall, fail, stumble;

No matter how imperfect and dirty I seem to you,

It doesn’t make me less a Christian than I am

And it doesn’t make me desire less to be a better Christian

Neither does it remove the fact God loves me still.


This long post was inspired by two events,:

Event 1:  You know, people really have a way of completely ignoring your good deeds, acts and somehow capitalize on the one mistake they see you make.

Like the one time they see you act in anger.

Like when they see you in your weakest times.

Like when they see you in a war of words with the keke man

or some crazy conductor (just an example). Like when they hear you criticize another.

Yes, I think we should be awarded some degree for that.

A friend who stayed with us for a while decided to move to his apartment. He called us together to give a ‘farewell charge.’

After he was done, I spoke.

I can’t remember all I said, but I remember saying “You know (name) we are all Christians, and …”

The moment the phrase “we are Christians” fell from my lips, I got this very disapproving look. You know the look that says it all. Then he said: “please let’s not go there, forget Christian and…”

Seriously? I kept thinking about it. Does he think I judge him and think he is not a Christian because of his weaknesses which we all see? Or, does my weaknesses, or flaws make me less a Christian?

Ok! Hang in there. Read on.


Event 2:  Every day I hear conversations, I read and listen to the way and way people talk about Christians. I read a lot of cruel words, criticism, and every other thing people lash out on Christians in print publications, social media and others. All the name calling, negative and somewhat offensive remarks they make about Christians. Probably because of what some brother or sister said or did.

I once read a post on facebook about how a Christian brother who was offended by the writer of the post displayed his anger and in the process said certain things I think this brother wouldn’t say on any other day. This led to the writer of the post conclusively abusing this brother and saying things like: ‘Christians are not supposed to be angry or show anger at all, so this brother is not a Christian,” “how can a ‘so-called Christian’….” “If being a Christian is what I saw (name) display today, I’ll rather die an unbeliever”

This post got me a little angry, some sympathy for that my brother and many other Christians who have had similar experiences, and got me thinking.

First and foremost, to the bad mouthed unbeliever out there who has vowed to face God’s wrath and not repent, because of what some Christian brother did to you, I recommend you,- if you can’t find a ‘perfect’ Christian to imitate, to motivate you to accept God’s love, Imitate Christ. Because He was the only perfect, sinless man in His time. And the Bible commands us to be ‘imitators of Christ’ not men. I commend you to Him. Read the Bible.

It seems to me that the society and unbelievers have some unwritten codes they expect Christians to live up to. It seems also that some unbelievers know the Bible’s code of conduct more than the Christians. So they jump at you the very minute they see you make a mistake, stumble, get angry, express your anger, or fail to keep some code.

Some of us Christians make it worse by condemning or somewhat criticizing others because they sin differently from them. So rather than loving my Christian brother back to God’s path, helping him deal with his struggles, I open him up, put his sin on a big screen in full view of the society. (This is what we Christians do sometimes to our brethren)

I am not by anyway encouraging Christians not to strive to live Godly Bible based lives.

I am just saying here that people sometimes ignore or seem to forget that we are humans- who make mistakes, struggles, stumbles, fail, and fall many times.

And that the mere fact of being a Christian doesn’t mean we are ‘perfect’ in the world’s sense.

So the flaws, struggles, mistakes, imperfections and weaknesses you see doesn’t make us any less Christian.

Because, we are Christians living under grace, growing daily in God’s love, Objects of God’s mercy, trophies of God’s grace, striving to be more like Christ every passing day.

So, you are still giving me that look?

Fix It…

Your Turn: What is usually your response or what would be your response if you are faced with the events described above or worst?

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  • I think the only way we can ever respond is w/ humility, grace and love. And I too am a work in progress!

  • I identify with this post all too well. Was just telling my husband this weekend that because “I am a Christian” people either assume I am perfect (uh, no dice!) and want to pounce on me when I fall, or have zero trust in my heart and motives.

    As a recovering people pleaser, I still struggle with this… But know that God’s sees my heart, forgives my sins and all I can do is let people see my faith by what I do (James 2:18)

    For my 30th bday, I am doing 30 acts of kindness in the next couple of months– some random, some calculated- all for the glory of God.

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