How to Spend Time with God…

how to spend time with God

How to Spend time with God

Some days back I had a long talk with a younger cousin of mine and somewhere she asked: “how do you spend time with God?” So many people want to know how to spend time with God. I totally get it. When I first gave my life to Christ, during those early and subsequent years as a believer, I used to hear lots of exhortation from older brethren about quiet time and its importance.  I always wondered, how do i spend time with God? do I just go before Him and stay quiet? Is there a right or wrong way to spend time with God? This questions sometimes made me confused until I read some books that helped.

Spending time with God is like many other activities you do in life. It requires discipline, consistency and simplicity. Simplicity is important  because if you make it complicated, you’re more likely to get off track or become weary.

There are many ways we can connect with God. There are many ways we can spend time with God. Everything we do can be spending time with God if He is invited to be a part of it. So there’s no right or wrong way to spend time with God.


In response to my cousin and many others who may have similar concerns, I offer a few tips on how to spend time with God…

How to spend time with God: 

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  1.  Quiet Time in the morning. I will talk more on this in my next post.I like to start my day by spending time with God in the early hours of the morning. I find this most effective and it helps set the tone for the day and puts everything in perspective. Have a regular time (best between the hours of 3:00-5:00 am when others are still in bed to avoid distraction), sing, talk to God, read your Bible, journal, listen, do whatever you feel like or led to do that will help you connect with God.
  2.   Take a walk. You  can do this in the evening or whenever you like. Talk with God. You can pray for the people you see and the people He brings to your mind, appreciate the beauty of nature, thank God for making all things beautiful etc. 
  3.   Gratitude.  Most times when we pray, all we do is ask ask ask… How about just spending a few minutes appreciating God for His goodness? Spend time 15-20 minutes just thanking God. You can keep a gratitude journal were you write things you are grateful for all day. This journal can serve as a reminder of God’s goodness in days or years to come. You don’t have to go to a special place to do this or find a special time. You can do it in the bathroom, office, while walking on the road, driving etc.
  4. Read/Study the Bible. One way of spending time with God is to spend time in His word. Read the Bible. You can use a plan (there are many plans available on the internet to choose from), read a proverbs a day, read the whole Bible in one sitting etc. Study the Bible. You can study topically (always choose topics that relates to the area of your life you are currently struggling with or hoping to improve), study a book, chapter or your fav characters.  
  5.   Pray.  Pray as often as possible, whenever and wherever possible. For me this means talking with God in the bathroom, on the road, in the bus, talking with friends, doing chores etc. You can take a few minutes from your work and just whisper a few words to God. Pray through the psalms. Keep a prayer journal (more on this later). 
  6.  Do Arts! Do you love arts? are you gifted in arts? If God made you artsy, you can connect with Him that way. I’m not very artistic, but there are times I read a passage of the  Bible and I get inspired to draw pictures of it, paint, color, doodle, sketchnote, whatever comes handy. Sometimes I do this in my Bible or in my journal. I have some blogging friends who doodle and draw all the way through the scriptures. If this is your strength, go for it. 
  7.  Sing. Play Music. Listen to Music. If you are feeling really inspired, you can write God a song. Music is also one of the ways we can connect and spend time with God. 
  8.   Keep a Journal or Journals. I love journalling. You can keep a Bible Journal,  a gratitude journal and or  a prayer Journal. You don’t have to be a writer to keep a journal or journals.
  9.  Write Letters to God.  I think we all have days when we wake up and feel all ‘dry’ or ‘overwhelmed’ and days we don’t feel like talking to God or anyone, days we want to pray but the words won’t just come, or our mouth won’t just talk. What I do on those days is: write letters to a God. I write letters to God. Love letters and sometimes not love letters. We express ourselves differently in writing than in speech. Some of us express ourselves better through writing than through speech. Writing a letter to God and or writing out our prayers is one way of spending time with God. Some days you can just write to God in your journal or anywhere. It’s not a bad idea. It adds a variety to your routine.
  10. Try bringing in your friends or joining a group.  Sometimes reading or studying the Bible with friends or a study group, praying together offers huge encouragement and a very valid way of spending time with God. 
  11.  Listen to a sermon, read books etc. 

Spending time with God doesn’t have to be an ‘all formal’ activity.

There’s not just one way to spend time with God, doing one or more of this daily can get you started on a rewarding journey.

Now I’ve given you a few tips on how to spend time with God, spending time with God (the act itself) becomes your responsibility. You should try a few or all of the tips and find out which works best for you, create a plan and stick with it. Keep it simple and spice it up every now and then.

If you find any of this tips helpful, please share with your friends and loved ones.


How do you spend time with God? 

What would you add to this list? 

I’ll love to hear (read) your opinion in the comments. 

Have a great Monday!


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