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“Failure is one word we dread, we all love to hate it, and sometimes we are truly defeated by it. If failure were a person, I’m sure it would be the most unwanted guest on our list. If it were a meal, very many of us have known its biter taste” — Ifeoma Samuel 

Failure can trigger a lot of painful emotions. It can derail you, raise your self-doubt, ad heighten your anxiety. It often brings unnecessary stigma and shame.

We have all been there. We’ve all had our moments and days and even years of failing at various things we set out to do.

It is often said that “failure is a necessary precursor or stepping stone to ultimate success.”

If you study history, you will find that all stories of great success are also stories of persisting through failure and triumph over adversity.

But how do you really turn these adversities and failures and setbacks into a stepping stone?

We’ve all had our share of struggles, sorrows and setbacks. But it is easy to ignore our own pain; and just sit back to admire others who are blazing the trail. We often overlook their setbacks and the failures the had to overcome and only see the end success. Probably because we are unable to deal with our’s.  And sometimes we conclude: “they just got lucky” “they are well connected” “its their family money or fame”.

But that’s a bunk. While it may have been a little bit of each plus others, what ultimately led to their success was their refusal to allow their setbacks and failures to define them.

So how do you do that?

Whether in your Christian walk, your relationships, your career, your business and every other aspects of your life; how do you overcome failure?

How do you turn setbacks into stepping stones for success?

I have read lots of self-help book on this subject. A lot of which where just motivational. I am recommending this book because it provides encouragement from the Scriptures to help you walk through your setbacks and overcome them.

Overcome Failure: Get Back to on Feet is an easy read authored by one of my very good blogging friend and sister Ifeoma Samuel at Purposeful and Meaningful blog.

This review should have come earlier, I was dealing with some setbacks and this book came just in time. I was skeptical of reading it though because i thought it was going to be another motivational book that lacks encouragement from God’s word. But then, I finally got myself t reading it and I  had to  re-read the book a couple of times. The book has been very helpful and an immense blessing to me. As it did offer encouragement and practical ways that enabled me walk through that phase.

In life there are many opportunities for us to fail, be it in out relationships, marriage, work, business etc. When we fail, getting back up is something we must do. And so I recommend this book as a good place to start.

The book contains sixteen chapters. Each of the sixteen chapters stand alone, and the author uses  Bible scriptures to confirm and explain each lesson.  At the end of each lesson are questions that will help you think through what you’ve read and a  prayer to cement what you are digesting.

She has used Biblical examples of those who failed and those who learned to speak success into their self talk. Being a relational writer, she uses her personal challenges as examples which reveals her as one of us with daily struggles and challenges and offers a great encouragement that we are not alone in our struggles.

Along with this book is a companion journal with spaces for you to write your thoughts and how certain scriptures have spoken to you.

This book qualifies to be used as a devotional, and would work well too in a Study Group.

Overall, I have benefited from and enjoyed this book immensely and recommend it for those who struggle with failure in any of its many forms.

NOTE: I was given a preview copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Opinion expressed here are personal and honest and  in no way influenced by the author or publisher of this book.

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  • I love Ifeoma and have heard so many good things about this book! I have been so swamped these last few months, but hope to be able to set aside the time to read it SOON! I’m sorry you were going through some setbacks, Grace. How can I pray for you? Thank you so much for sharing the hope of Jesus found in this book at #MomentsofHope!
    Blessings and smiles,

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