Grace: God’s Second Chance


God's grace

Romans 5:1-6

Scripture records a grim picture of mankind: dead in our sins, under God’s wrath, and subject to eternal separation from Him (Eph. 2:1-3). Through the cross, He gives us a second chance to be in a loving relationship with Him. When we place our faith in Christ, He pours out His unconditional love—His grace—upon us.

Because of grace, we have been justified by faith. Justification is a declaration by God that we are not guilty in His sight. At salvation, Jesus’ death on the cross is counted as payment for our sins. All our disobedience—past, present, and future—is fully forgiven.

The means of obtaining this pardon is through genuine faith in Jesus Christ. What does that look like? It’s a faith that accepts the Lord’s judgment that we are sinners who are unable to rescue ourselves and in need of a Savior. It believes that Jesus paid for our sins through His death, that God accepted His payment on our behalf, and that we are forgiven and made part of His family. If we have true faith, we’ll give Him our allegiance and wholeheartedly seek to serve Him.

Grace also gives us peace with the Lord. Before salvation, we were His enemies, under a sentence of eternal death. But after trusting in Christ, we were adopted into God’s family and have His favor forever.

Through grace, we have been given a second chance. Instead of receiving the eternal punishment we deserved, we’re given acceptance through faith in Christ (Rom. 15:7) and have become members of God’s family (Rom. 8:15). Make full use of this second opportunity by passionately pursuing Him.

Source: In Touch Ministries

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  • I’I’m a big believer in grace. Thank you for sharing yo9r thoughts at The Loft.

  • Shira Garnett

    A beautiful reminder of God’s Salvation through Grace. Jesus Christ ever interceding before the Throne of God. Thanks Grace for sharing this truth in Grace. Blessings.

    • Amen Shira. Grace is indeed a beautiful reminder of God’s salvation through Christ. Glad to have you around.

  • What an inspiring post. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round up and hope you have been enjoying the blog hop. #sharewithme

    • I sure do hope to come around. And yes I appreciate the blog hop very much. Thanks Jenny for taking time to stop by.

  • I’ve heard it said that grace is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. May we never loose the wonder of His mercy and grace! Thanks for sharing at the Loft!

    • Amen. Very true Robbi, I’ve also heard: God’s Redemption At Christ’s Expense. I’m glad you came around. Have a great week.

  • Oh dear Grace, you have been in my heart all this while!
    I had to move our project so you can pull yourself together…
    I was excited reading your email about the linkup!
    Thank you for the kind words you left on the blog.

    You are Loved friend!
    Many Blessings to you

  • Chyme

    Thanks for sharing on GRACE

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