To encourage means to offer courage, to inspire, strengthen and or stir one’s spirit.

The subject of encouragement covers a range of issues and behavior.

This applies with God’s encouragement of us, and to our encouragement to one another.

A common form of encouragement is to give comfort and help, whether to those who are sorrowful (Romans 12:15), those who fear (Psalm 23:4), those who are persecuted (John 16:35) or those who are experiencing any other form of weakness, despair or suffering.

When we go through unpleasant experiences, one beneficial result is that we are able to comfort others who may have similar experiences (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). 

But to encourage involves more than cheering the disheartened. It involves supporting people in such a way that they will have greater confidence, enthusiasm and strength in their lives and services to God.

It includes words of teaching, warning, rebuke and courage, as we urge one another to greater effort in their devotion to God.

It is to inspire, spur and or challenge one into action.

Through having the right attitude towards receiving and giving of encouragement in all forms, we will develop Christian character, become rooted in Christ, firm in faith. At the same time, we will understand better the nature of God who as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is the God of all comfort and the greatest encourager.

Encouraging one another with the encouragement we receive from God and the Scriptures forms the center and focus of this blog for the year.

 I believe that God will help us find encouragement in our daily activities and challenges, so we can encourage others with what we have received.

 WELCOME TO 2014!!

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