Don’t tell me I can’t do it by Dr Erica Miller


Holocaust survivor Dr. Erica Miller shares the five core beliefs that she has acquired throughout the course of her colorful life in this engaging combination of memoir and self-help book.From her experience as a refugee during the Holocaust to her time in the Israeli Air Force, Dr. Miller has seen the dark side of humanity. Yet rather than becoming bitter over these trials, she has chosen to live life with an optimistic spirit, determined to overcome any obstacle in her way.

Dr. Miller also candidly discusses her experience raising two small children while attending graduate school. Many readers will be able to identify with her struggles. Dr. Miller’s determination to live “life according to Erica,” and the lessons she has learned along the way, make Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It! a compelling read that motivates readers to live life in the here and now.

“Live life today. The past is gone. The future might never be.” This is one of the five core beliefs that comprise Dr. Miller’s philosophy. As a therapist, she has shared her belief in the power of optimism and self-reliance to help clients get their lives back on track. In this book, she imparts the same ideas to readers.


My TOTs:

Before I go into ranting about what I liked and how much I liked this book, Let me state the part I didn’t like.

One thing I didn’t like is that she said she is a Jewish Christian,  but I never saw anything she wrote and made reference to God. Then I thought to myself: can I really write and publish a thing about my life and not recognize the fact that it is God that has brought me thus far?

Even if I were an unbeliever, looking at my life from my childhood-growing up to school days, till now– the failures, the regrets, the abuse and various challenges and mountains I had to climb to get to where I am today. I would give the greatest credit to God, knowing that it’s only by His grace that I am where I am.

My story isn’t complete without God. And I know that we are where we are today because of God’s grace. Every success we can ever achieve in our lifetime, we achieve them because of God.

Even those of us who thinks we have lost all, or that God has done nothing for us to deserve our gratitude, I want to let us know that God is the reason we have not lost everything.– at least you still got your life and people who love you, and they say “where there is life, there is hope”

I’m not saying we should just fold our hands, sit around and do nothing–expecting God to do some magic. No… It is that which we have in our hands that God will bless and multiply.

I’m just saying that they are people who have worked harder than some of us, yet they still look like they are doing nothing…they still struggle through everything. So it is not because of how principled, determined  we are or how hard we have worked. We succeed because of God’s grace.

There are 2 scriptures I love so much that explains the whole point I’m trying to make here:

“I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.” Ecclesiastes 9:11(NIV)

”So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.” Romans 9:16(KJV

Whether Dr Miller says it or not, I know it is only God who gave her the sweet story she shared in this book.

Now The part I like:

Dr Miller is really an inspiration. She has an indomitable spirit that inspires and motivates.

This woman lived through The Holocaust, she witnessed the ugly side of humanity. She came out fighting, swinging a very big stick.

She determined that she would not let suffering define her life. Resilient and headstrong from the start, she also decided that she would not settle for others’ limitations of what she might be — she would chart her own course and be her own person. In her 80s she is going strong and has no intention of stopping. She gave to the world, she helps people live better lives.

I would have loved to hear more about her.

She has done very well, following her dream.

I really enjoyed this book. I definitely caught myself smiling to her stories and encouraging words, while also nodding in agreement to a few principles that has helped me through. I could literally see myself in some pages of this book.

There are lots of wisdom to be shared from this book.

The stories about her sacrifices and her no matter what philosophies awed me, she is who she wanted to be. She was very goal orientated, tunnel vision. She knew early on what she wanted, and never wavered. She threw everything aside and did it.

I admire her drive to live-and-succeed, and passion to live audaciously.

She is determined, strong willed, focused. Not letting other people’s opinion and perception of any matter determine how she feels, what she does or influence her decision is one thing I found in nearly every chapter of this book. This is one quality I appreciate and relate to, and I love it.

One other quality I appreciate and relate to is that she knows there are things she wishes she did better during her life, but also does not dwell on that or allow guilt to over take her and just moves forward to improve what she can. Something most of us really need to have.

I appreciate that the book both has real life examples that I found interesting and then brought that to be motivational for life moving forward. There is always a nugget or two of wisdom you can gather from another person’s life story. And in this book, you will find many of such nuggets.

It is only through overcoming trials that we usually realize the strength we carry within.

As we go through this life, we are met with challenges, adversities and roadblocks along the way. How we face or respond to these challenges will help shape our character, experiences and achievements.

We all wear certain labels that could easily be assigned blame for why we can’t do this or that… Those labels might be things people tell us we can’t do, or things we affirm ourselves we can’t do because of being a man, woman, short, tall, plain, smart, dull, beautiful, not-so-beautiful or some natural features and things you have no control over.

Reading this book, you will learn that with or without those labels, you can make the most of your life and God-given talents and strength. Whether you are a woman, or man, or anything you have believed yourself to be, you can be anything you desire to be.

Regardless of who and what we are, where we are or the hurts, pains and challenges we have endured, we can always decide not to let them stop us, and try to make the most out of our lives. I doing so, we will unconsciously inspire and give others the permission to do the same with their own lives. That is one big lesson you will learn from this book.

What have you set out to do that people said you couldn’t do because you are a man or a woman or black or white?
What have you discouraged yourself from doing because you feel you can’t?
Are you at that point in your life where you are about letting go of your dreams and aspirations because of people’s opinion, past failures, or some limitation?

I personally recommend this book for you. Reading this book will be a great start for you. It is full of inspiration, thoughts and nuggets that will drive you into picking up your dreams.
Dr Miller’s story, struggles and challenges is one that you can easily relate to. You will be greatly inspired.

I received this book from the publisher through netgallery for my honest review.

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