Adventuring Through the Bible A Comprehensive Guide to the Entire Bible Ray C. Stedman

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Get a thorough overview of the entire Bible in an exciting way with the new and enhanced edition of Adventuring Through the Bible. Featuring an easy-to-use, full-color handbook and commentary combination, it provides outlines, themes, and applications for each book of the Bible. Including charts, maps, timelines, and images, Adventuring Through the Bible offers you a one-stop resource guide to studying and understanding God’s Word. An excellent resource tool for pastors, laypeople, and small group study.


 My Tots:

I saw the earlier version of this book in my mother’s library. Then I decided to check online to know if the book has a new edition. I found it on NetGallery and requested for it.
I read and compared the two versions. As I expected it will be, the new version is much expanded and enhanced, and a definite improvement over the earlier edition.  
Adventuring Through the Bible is an excellent comprehensive guide to the Bible. 
The author begins with a panorama of the scriptures and then goes ahead to group the Bible into eight(8) parts: 
  1.  5 steps to maturity: Genesis through Deuteronomy
  2. The message of History: Joshua through Esther.
  3. Music to Live by: Job through Songs of Solomon
  4. The promises of God: Isaiah through Malachi.
  5. Jesus: the focus of both testaments, Matthew through Acts.
  6. Letters from the Lord: Romans through Philemon
  7. Keeping the Faith: Hebrews through Jude.
  8. Signs of the times: the end and a new beginning–Revelation. 

I love every aspect of this book. It is a great resource for studying the Bible, and gaining deeper understanding of the Bible. You can choose to use this book alongside your Bible while studying or you read his description and snapshot of the book you want to study before reading your Bible each day. However you choose to use it, this book is great resource for all. For me, I read about the book I want to study before beginning. This helps me to understand the context of the Scripture better.

This guide is a great tool and like a snapshot of each book of the Bible. It gives you a brief overview and great analogies of each book

The author is very thorough in his explanation of the Bible, book by book. The expanded edition which I have in an ebook format is loaded with maps and charts, discussion questions, life application and sidebars, as well as some beautiful color photographs of the Holy Land

I love how the author describe how the old and new testament compliment each other. 

The book has different Bible reading plans, that many readers will find very helpful if they are interested in reading the Bible in one year. 

 For a reader-friendly guide to the Bible, the average Bible reader will find Adventuring Through the Bible a useful addition to his or her library. 

  I feel this is a good resource for anyone wanting to learn about the bible, or just wanting to discover a new way to study it. 

 I would recommend this to libraries, churches, Pastors and individuals. 

Buying this book will be a great addition and resource to your library and will come handy whenever you need it. 

I received this book from the publisher through NETGALLERY for this review.

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