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Hello, I am glad to have you   here.

let me give you a short version of me…

I am Grace Esedeke. I am a Godgirl. I am a trophy of God’s grace, an object of His mercies, I am deeply loved and cared for,. I am God’s delight.

I’m obsessed with all tenets of love, hope, purpose, and joy.

I am a bundle of dreams which I believe strongly they will manifest before my very eyes as God wills.

I’m an extroverted introvert. Simply put, I like to be social and “paint the town red” only when I’m with my friends and family. I am reserved more often, and I much rather spend my time alone enjoying a good book or a good film…surfing the internet or playing around on my PC… and writing of course…

I’m a writer…poetry, songs, stories, articles, blogs, you name it. I am a blogger.

I am a Food Scientist and technologist by profession. Well as a student, I never dreamed of working for any big named organization. I always wanted to start mine. And that is what God blessed me with. So I recently started a business of my own, still under food processing. You will hear about the launching soon.

I’m a little AWKWARD. No kidding, I think I am a complete W-I-E-R-D-O.  As in I laugh at inappropriate moments (like when I’m in a serious setting and nothing is funny), wave at random people I think are waving at me just to find out they’re waving at the girl behind me, dance when no music is playing, dance on the road and then turn around to see if anyone is watching, In one day,  I could be in a room and nobody would notice I’m there and the next I am all over the place and you would be wishing I wasn’t there at all, and the list goes on and on.

I make the craziest faces. You can literally tell my mood (happy, sad, disgusted) simply by looking at my face.
I have a FAMILY and FRIENDS…people who love me that I love and quite frankly couldn’t possibly live without. We have our good, GREAT, bad, and UGLY moments, like all families, but damn are we blessed and grateful to have each other!

I am in a long distance relationship with this guy who loves me and in whom I am well pleased, hopefully we will be getting married soonest. This long distance relationship thing is tough oooo. Do you have any ideas, stories or experiences you feel can help us? Please share in the comment box or you contact me privately through my email: gracious25g@gmail.com

That was pretty short right?

You can contact me @




Email: gracious25g@gmail.com or grace@intentional247.com

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  • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

    Thank you for your Introduction. You’re a very kind person and Bless you Sister Grace.

    • Wow.. I am? Actually I don’t always consider myself a kind person, I just know I’m a work-in-progress-Christian who desires more than anything to please God, both in words and in deeds and in my relationships.
      Thank you Timothy for your kind words.
      You are the best.

  • i think we must be a lot alike grace:) i’m also very awkward in many ways…especially when i was younger, but i try to be quieter about it now. also, the expectations of someone my age aren’t as high now. people just chalk it up to my being a little confused…and sometimes i am:)

    • Hahaha. Wow nice to meet you Ma. So good to hear that we are kindreds. I’m in my late twenties, today is my birthday and my mum reminded me of my awkwardness and how a little clumsy and confused I was as a kid, we laughed over it and then she remarked I’ll come off it as I get older. Reading your comment here, I’m now really anticipating.
      You made my day Ma. I really appreciate you.

      • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

        Happy Birthday to you Grace.

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