6 Easy Steps to Begin Your Quiet Time

easy steps to begin your quiet time Do you find it difficult to begin and maintain a consistent quiet time?

You are not alone.

I have been there more times than I can remember.

We all have good intentions, and really want to spend time with God. But  we don’t always do it.

Because it’s easy to become too ‘busy’,  distracted, bored and sometimes confused or  frustrated over where or how to start and how to find something that really works for you.

I have been writing recently on spending time with God and I listed quiet time as one of the ways to spend time daily with God.

Quiet time is a crucial part of a Christian’s everyday life.

Quiet time is about making a daily appointment with God. The time we set aside to intentionally move away from distractions and other activities or people to seek God’s face.

I have in earlier posts emphasized that God requires more than an ‘appointment’ in our schedule. But having a daily quiet time (at whatever time of the day that works best for you) is a good place to start.

So here are 6 Easy Steps to Begin Your Quiet Time. 


The key word in this is CONSISTENCY. And that word is one of those words I struggle with every now and then.  So much I felt reluctant making this post (i had written this post since July) because I had been struggling with keeping a consistent quiet time at the time.  Do you ever feel so inadequate or unqualified to share something you know God wants you to share with others because you are lagging in practice?

Well let’s get down to the step to begin a daily quiet time..:

  1. A Consistent PLACE:

Think of a place where you will have no distractions and where you will have the freedom to pray out loud without disturbing others.

This place can be anywhere but not in front of your television set, personal computers and maybe other mobile and electronic devices (except you like to study with your phone or laptop) because trust me the distraction is huge.

We can have our quiet time anywhere, but not if we are being distracted constantly by intrusions.

One of the reasons Jesus went up into the hills in the early hours of the day to pray was because there were no crowds, no distraction, and no interruptions.

So whatever place you decide on should be similarly chosen. A place you can go consistently. This becomes your war room, your personal altar.

2. A Consistent TIME:

It is important in the process of developing a regular and effective quiet time to set aside a specific time each day to meet with God.

Whether or not you have a fixed work schedule, you can decide to wake up an hour or two earlier than your usual wake time to spend time with God; or you can decide to sleep an hour or two later than your usual bed time.

Having your quiet time in the morning is the most recommended, but you can choose whatever time of the day that works best for you.

Having a time to meet with God each day makes prayer, Bible study etc. something to eagerly look forward to.

If your schedule is so full and pressing that you cannot make time daily to seek God, then a revision of that schedule to weed out busyness is in order.

“If you cannot find time to meet with God daily, then you are busier than God intended you to be”

Have a time (15 minutes? 30? 1 hour? 2 hour?) set aside each day. Guard this time and ask the Lord to help you keep it free. Set your alarm to repeat the appointment everyday.


This is flexible and can change anytime.

First, decide what you hope to achieve and base your plan around that; i.e. if developing intimacy with God in prayer is your goal, then you should create a plan that allows you to spend more time in prayer, if Bible knowledge is your goal, then you may want to spend more time studying, if worship then worship.

You can combine all of these. It’s all your choice.

Your plan can change anytime based on your spiritual need.


This is and should be flexible. Allow for change and variety so things don’t boring.

Decide what you will specifically do in your time. Will you study the Bible? Or simply read the Bible and pray? How long will you be studying? praying? Will you journal your thoughts and lessons? How long will you spend in silence listening to the Lord?

Decide before you start what you are going to do during this time. The goal is to provide structure which will lead to effectiveness and productivity in deepening your intimacy with God.

You can start with anything. There is no wrong or right way or thing to do. Just do something. Sing. Dance. Whistle. Kneel. Talk. Shout. Write. Draw. Read. Whatever comes handy at any given point.

5. RESOURCES: Gather your resources. They should be readily accessible and close to or at the place where you have your quiet time.

Get a Devotional or devotionals—if you use one. This doesn’t have to be the one written and published by your Pastor or church. It’s ok to use non-denominational and inter-denominational devotionals. But don’t tie your whole spiritual growth on devotionals, –  study the Bible (topic or by chapter) for yourself.

Get a Bible Reading plan

Get or Create a Bible Study plan that meets your spiritual needs.

Download prayer prompts, ideas from the internet. – This helps to provide structure for your prayer and gives you idea of what to pray about. You can join prayer challenges (e.g 30 days prayer challenge for your family) organized online.

Get a Journal or a notebook, pen, highlighters.

Get a good stud Bible.

Have a Bible in a translation you can easily understand (not a bad idea if you have n=more than one Bible).

Have a music player around to play music or sermons.

6. DISCIPLINE… CONSISTENCY. Commit to doing something consistently for at least 21-30 days. Every day… without exception… do it… whether you feel like it or not… if you miss the exact time, make it up latter in the day… no matter how hard it seems… keep doing it till it becomes a part of you… it will require sacrifice.

Habits are formed this way.

You will need lots of discipline… going against your will for as long as it takes for it to become a habit, a hobby—something you do that doesn’t seem like a chore. Keep in mind that as soon as you attempt this, dozens of obstacles will stand in your way.

Keep doing it. and Keep it simple.

Forming a new habit is not easy. So ‘easy’ may not be the right word for this post. Nothing of value is ever easy. The objective is for us to discipline ourselves to spend time with God everyday. Overtime it becomes a habit and the most productive part of your day.

If you find this post helpful, please do not hesitate to share it with as many people as you can.  Do you already have a good and consistent daily quiet time? Perfect! You can share this post with people whom you think will find it helpful. 

If you are looking for how to start your Bible Study, Joining these Online Bible Study Communities will be a good place to start, : 


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  • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

    Great Article.

  • Kelly R Baker

    This subject is close to my heart. The HelloMornings ministry and community is all about this, and much of what you said echoes their message. The accountability factor helped me several years ago (and still does) to be consistent. There’s something about knowing your group is going to check in with you every morning (or whatever time of day is set). Thanks for sharing these tips!

  • Like the Nike slogan – Just Do It! thanks for the steps! I call mine: Retreat in a Basket. (:

  • These are great tips. I really like the having a plan idea.
    There were times I opened my bible and didn’t know where to start.
    I need more structure.
    Also He said we have not because we asked not.
    So I must stick with it like you said also ask for his grace.
    Great post!

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